To its owner, this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 426 Hemi is rather remarkable. 

That isn't due to its rarity, but rather to what it means to her. Since 1995, Rindy from Carlisle

It belonged to her late husband, who had acquired it 27 years before to replace his 440 Hemi Coronet.

Since then, The Challenger has remained with Rindy and her family. They haven't changed it in any way.

It is a real survivor since it is entirely original. It still retains the factory-installed "Rally Red" paint

Lou Costabile takes a look at this rare and unique 1970 Challenger R/T 

He talks to Rindy and her son Curtis about what this car means to them. 

 He also learns the story behind it and goes for a ride in this rare piece of classic Mopar muscle car.