An individual who owns a Tesla or is a fan of the vehicle may have been referred to as a "Tesla-stan." 

Drivers do, after all, have Elon Musk super fans, Tesla, automobile clubs, coffee gatherings, forums, and flags

But what does "Tesla-stan" signify, and are there other automakers with "stans"?

The term "stan" is a combination of the words "super" and "fan," but that is not how it came to be. 

It originates from a 2001 Eminem song about an overzealous fan, claims HowToGeek. 

Super fans exist for pretty about everything, from music to television to art, as you might expect. 

The auto industry is no exception; there are Ford-stans, Nissan-stans, and even Tesla-stans

Frankly, it doesn’t stop there; Jalopnik discovered that there are also Elon Musk super fans.