The 2023 Chevy Colorado and 2023 GMC Canyon are two pickup trucks made by General Motors

Although they may even appear to some to be the same midsize vehicle, there are some significant

Additionally, the 2023 Canyon beats the 2023 Colorado in a few specific areas. 

The main factor that distinguishes GMC trucks from Chevy pickups is that GMC vehicles are frequently

In essence, what you receive on a mid-level trim Chevy Colorado will be identical to what you get on a base model GMC Canyon

Mechanically speaking, the 2023 GMC Canyon has some upgrades made, including to its transmission,

Although GM owns both GMC and Chevy, GMC is typically seen as the more premium brand. 

Objectively speaking, the 2023 Canyon is the better truck. Each GMC Canyon comes outfitted with the 2.7-